Digital Citizenship: Transitional Ages and Social Media Impact

This project covers the necessity of Social Media Awareness in the middle school classroom via Digital Citizenship. The main goal of Digital Citizenship is to teach respect, educate about technology and its platforms and protect the students using the media. Although there are risks in being a part of social media that Digital Citizenship helps prevent, there are also positives that Digital Citizenship can contribute to Social Media continuing to be a safe space for students. Though, what has become clear in some of the current curriculum is that often it is outdated as social media changes at least from month to month, which calls for updated, relevant and engaging curriculum. This will be done by engaging students, staff and parents in a Digital Citizenship week. Digital Citizenship week will have a student assembly and includes a Digital Citizenship group. There will also be a Digital Citizenship pledge that students will sign for accountability, self-control and respect. The packet also includes daily announcements and posters to advertise respectful civic engagement online. Utilizing peer interactions through a school-wide event and then also having teachers select students present the message of Social Media caution to their peers, will further solidify the subject.