Masters Thesis

Drama therapy curriculum for adolescents exposed to domestic violence

The researcher’s purpose for this community project is to meet the needs for adolescents (ages 13-18); who have been exposed to domestic violence, and create a curriculum for them that is teen-centered and creative. With the help of adolescents that come into our agency seeking treatment and employees at AAFVSA, the researcher of this study will create a drama therapy curriculum for adolescents who have been exposed to domestic violence. The term exposure to DV is defined by the researcher as: those who have experienced it 1st hand (received threats, physical attacks, or verbal/emotional assaults of DV) and those who have witnessed DV (seen DV happen to others). Therefore, when adolescents do come into the agency seeking services due to exposure of domestic violence, they have the option to do individual therapy (which is already intact at AAFVSA) and now group therapy.

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