The challenges faced by Latino undocumented scholars in their pursuit of higher education

The purpose of this study is to examine the challenges facing undocumented Latino scholars, as well as the challenges faced by scholars with mixed-status parents. The researcher will specifically be looking into institutional and systemic challenges faced by undocumented Latino students and the children of undocumented parents. The researcher will identify and survey undocumented college students and students whose parents are undocumented to assess their perspectives on the challenges they face and how they have dealt with those challenges. Research on the topic of the challenges face by the undocumented population in their pursuit of higher education is mounting including Baum and Flores’ (2011). In their research, they reported that there are several institutional and systemic factors that impact the educational attainment of undocumented Latino students. Some of these factors are “inadequate information about college opportunities and how to access them, cultural differences, citizenship issues, language barriers, and, too frequently, discrimination” (p. 172).