Literacy Workshops for Spanish Speaking Parents of Students in the Primary Grades

Literacy skills are the foundational skills that students need in order to be able to successfully read and write. For many students these skills are well developed before they commence kindergarten from the exposure to oral communication and nursery rhymes in their home setting. However, due to the lack of exposure and language ability, many students that are considered English Language Learners come into kindergarten lacking the basic literacy skills that they need to succeed. In addition, Latino parents have reported facing barriers when trying to acquire the skills and strategies to assist their children at home (Durand, 2011). This project was created with the purpose of educating Spanish speaking Latino parents on literacy strategies that they can utilize at home with their children. This nine week workshop series provides parents with the opportunity to learn how to achieve mastery of a standard a week using a bilingual book so that in turn they can practice these skills and strategies at home with their children.