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Stress analysis of a gusset joint using the SAP IV program

A stress analysis of a Gusset Joint using a computer program SAP IV is presented. The purpose of this project was to analyze and to delineate the stress distribution through joint gusset plates. A preparatory computer model was constructed using truss and boundary elements. The model was composed of eight truss elements which were connected symmetrically at a single central point. This model was analyzed statically under the combined effects of a displacement imposed at one support joint, and a vertical gravity load. A second three dimensional computer model composed of three dimensional beam elements, thin plate elements, and boundary elements was constructed. This model was composed of eight beams with welded gusset plates, connected together with bolts. The model was statically analyzed under the same conditions as the first model. Results of the two analyses are presented, discussed, and comparisons are made. Drawings of stress contours for the three principal plans and maximum stresses are included.