The DREAM Lesson Plan Application for Android Platform

Lesson plans are essential in the DREAM project success. They are provided to help teachers to successfully implement the DREAM methodologies, also to include visual arts and theater activities in their lesson plans. The DREAM Lesson Plan application provides an optimal solution to the DREAM Project to help achieving their goals. It is designed to run on Android tablets that maintain a database which resides on server to enable the third and the fourth grade teachers to conduct lesson plans more effectively and efficiently, it also provides the DREAM Project executives a simple way to review the lesson plans created by teachers and evaluate how well teachers are using visual arts and theater activities in their lesson plans. This application allows teachers to easily follow the lesson plan templates originally provided by the DREAM project in the form of a Word document in a more user responsive and friendly way. In addition, this application offers teachers an easy way to integrate any of the State standards, vocabulary, and workshop also allows the teachers to store and share their lesson plans.