A comparison of general education teacher preparedness to support students with disabilities: SB 2042 credential versus pre-SB 2042 credential preparedness

The purpose of this study was to examine teachers' perceptions regarding the effectiveness of teacher preparation to accommodate the needs of students with learning disabilities; and their perceptions as to the accommodations and supports that they deem appropriate. A comparison was made between the surveyed perceptions of general education teachers who were prepared under the SB 2042 credential requirements, which infuses content on how to accommodate for the needs of students with disabilities within the basic credential. General educators prepared under previous credentials where preparation to accommodate students with special needs was completed in post -credential courses, or not provided as part of the credential requirements. This study was conducted by questionnaires on three Southern California high schools campuses. Only general education teachers took part in the questionnaires. This study encompassed five weeks of analysis and did not provide any statistical validation to teaching strategies used within the classroom. Key words: credentialing requirements, learning disabilities, inclusion, perception