Math Olympiads for Gifted and Talented Students at Larsen Elementary

Over forty years ago the U.S. Congress showed concern about the methods and programs that were being offered to the gifted and talented children across the nation. The department of education conducted a study in 1971 to investigate the validity of programs used with gifted and talented children (GATE) and discovered that there were not enough programs or modified curriculum to teach and address the high academic levels and areas needed for these students. The results were alarming since they learned that GATE students were performing below expectations. Today California has identified and services about half a million gifted and talented students in their public schools. The Hueneme School District proudly assists about 1,000 GATE students in grades 2 to 8. Although there have been many positive changes over the past four decades to better assist gifted and talented students, there are still many improvements administrators, educators, and parents can offer for these students in order to enhance their potential and make them strong and successful future twenty-first Century leaders in math, science, art, and writing among other careers. The purpose of this study is to find out if the Math Olympiads will effectively enhance, differentiate learning styles, and enrich the mathematical abilities of Larsen fourth and fifth grade GATE students.