Capstone project

High speed data acquisition system

In fulfillment of the requirements of E-316 Project Design, a high speed data acquisition system was designed and implemented. The project involved conducting an evaluation of the data acquisition needs of the department in order to generate the system specifications, performing an extensive market survey of available systems, selecting and purchasing the appropriate system and finally designing all necessary programs and components so that the new system could assume all existing acquisition services and previous systems would no longer be necessary. The results of the work concluded that the optimal solution to the Engineering Department's data acquisition needs is the data acquisition and control software program Labview and data acquisition hardware i/o board combination NB-MI0-16 & NB-DMA-SG all of which are manufactured and sold by National Instruments Inc. located in Austin, Texas. The system is centered around an Apple Macintosh IIcx personal computer. The system was successfully applied to the diesel lab heat balance data acquisition function as well as the diesel engine cylinder pressure indicating experiment. The system was also used to perform GPIB interfacing and control (servo) system data acquisition.