Masters Thesis

Personalized system of instruction implementing audio-visual media in a child development practicum.

The main goal of Child Development Practicum (CDP) courses taught at many colleges and universities is to permit students the opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge, and information in dealing with preschool children. Concerns related to these goals are: how to provide nutritious and appealing snacks and meals; techniques for use with behavioral problems; planning, implementing, and evaluating the child's daily activities so as to enhance total development in social emotional, intellectual, and physical abilities; also, observing and recording behavior to use the data as a guide to the child's development as compared to the established norms. The amount of enrollment, method, and scheduling involved in achieving these objectives vary among the colleges and universities that offer the course(s). The instructors who have taught the course at California State University, Fresno, have worked to include material on as many of these goals as possible in a one semester course. Whereas other colleges and universities might have sequels of courses that would allow more time and attention to cover in detail these same concerns, this was not the case at CSUF.