Two half-hour television pilots

Detective Cat Lady is an animated half-hour comedy about a reclusive P.I. who's bitten by a radioactive cat and then uses her abilities to battle wrongdoing. It's Jessica Jones meets Bojack Horseman: a female-led superhero series with a satirical, absurdist twist. Detective Cat Lady flips the usual superhero mythos on its head. This show takes the stereotype of the "crazy cat lady" - ornery, unkempt, off-putting, depressive, agoraphobic - and transforms her into a hero. Ramona Tao, the titular Cat Lady, is all of these things. She's a little schlubby, sure, but she's also a bonafide hero. Friends, Inc. is an episodic dramedy about a small company in near-future San Francisco that exchanges its employees' empathy for clients' money. Each 11-minute episode will tackle themes of loneliness and connection in a world where automation and commodification reign.