CROSSBASE: an open source database data migrator

Project (M.S., Computer Science)--California State University, Sacramento, 2019.

In the contemporary world, there is high necessity for the engineers to handle unstructured or semi-structured data. To handle this situation, companies are exploring ways to make their software faster and flexible by migrating their data from traditional databases to NoSQL databases.Hence, the companies or standalone users need an application or tool which migrates their data from traditional SQL systems (e.g. Oracle) to NoSQL systems (e.g. Mongo database). However, the current market holds extremely few commercial tools to perform data migration from RDBMS Databases to Mongo database. Furthermore, these tools expect the user to pre-process into specific format (such as JSON) and then migrate the data onto target database. Such processes are not straight-forward could be error-prone. CROSSBASE is the first open source, handy and fully automated tool that can perform data migration from Oracle, JSON and XML databases to Mongo database. User do not need to pre-process the data other than providing minimal inputs. This migrator migrates data while preserving relationships between data. Apart from standard migration this tool offers several other features like data migration from XML databases to Mongo database, generating dump file for future use etc. Compared to the two existing commercial tools Safe Software and Studio3T, CROSSBASE is open source, fullyautomated and offers several other additional features.