Games for fifth grade Spanish speakers that enhance vocabulary and math skills

A set of games was developed to facilitate vocabulary enrichment and math skills for fifth grade English Language Learners; however, for the purpose of this thesis, these students will be referred to as Spanish speakers or as Hispanic second language learners. Spanish language games focus on vocabulary words, their definitions, spelling, and pronunciation. The math game focuses on multiplication, division, and geometry. The bingo cards called Cosmo are designed to introduce and enhance student awareness of fifth grade curriculum encompassing science(C=ciencia), literature(O=obra), health(S=salud), mathematics(M=matematica), and orthography(O=ortografia). The vocabulary and definition cards are designed to be used together to broaden student comprehension during an academic school year. The 15 different vocabulary words and definitions selected to help students in science were not repeated in those 15 chosen to encompass the areas of literature, health, mathematics, or orthography. This 75 word and definition total were chosen carefully to give an overall view of what is studied in fifth grade. These games are designed to peak student interest, as well as to assist teachers in maintaining high interest in Spanish speaking classrooms while covering fifth grade curriculum. ·Appendixes present useful information to create the same games, as well as Teacher Tips, and a Player's Guide. Item only available to the CSUSM community. Authentication with campus user name and password required.