What are students' perspectives on the quality of the Conflict Management Program?

The purpose of this study was to examine one peer mediation program in a Southern California school district and solicit the peer mediators' perspective of the quality of the training program. The study surveyed 22 of the 24 7th and gth grade peer mediators at one urban middle school. Using five open-ended questions, the survey asked respondents to reflect on the quality of their training for the peer mediation program, conflict managers. The survey also asked what the peer mediators get out of facilitating group meetings and helping their peers. Data was analyzed to determine mediators' perceived benefits of their training and program their ideas on what could be improved, whether the program taught them the facilitating tools they needed to resolve a conflict between their peers. Through this study, it was discovered that a) many students enjoyed helping their peers with their conflicts and b) training was perceived as sufficient in preparing students for facilitating peers conflict resolution through the conflict management program. Key Words: Peer mediation, conflict management, resolution, and bullying