The effects of modeled writing on kindergarten writing stages

The purpose ofthis study was to examine whether a teacher's modeling ofthe writing process for kindergarteners helps them to progress through the developmental stages ofwriting. This study analyzed the progress of a group ofkindergarteners in North San Diego County, in a low socioeconomic area, predominantly populated by second language learners. The teacher modeled the writing process for students on a daily basis, explicitly verbalizing the process for students as she wrote on the board. Six students' journal writings were then analyzed over an eleven week period, tracking the growth of student writing, with the teacher modeling the writing process daily. The teacher focused on 3 different writing conventions (capitalization/ punctuation, inventive spelling, and spacing between words) each for a 3 week period, and tracked students' use of those conventions using a 4 point rubric. The data collection demonstrated that the majority of students did progress in their writing, as was established by tracking the 6 students' growth along the 4 point rubric.