Public Vs. Private Management and Leadership Styles: What are the impacts of hiring a manager from the private sector into the public sector on employee retention, morale and department success?

The differences in management and leadership styles between public organizations and private sectors have been a topic of interest for many years and from all over the world. These differences have led to many conflicting opinions and controversies. There have been multiple reasons and many distinct factors that have contributed to why these differences exist at all in the first place. This study will analyze whether public management is more effective and successful when the manager is promoted from within the organization. It will focus specifically on the Los Angeles County Internal Services Department and their Executive Management Team, their prior management experiences, and the success through profit data. The study will be conducted using a non-experimental quantitative research design by using one on one interviews with each member of the Executive Management team and archival data analysis and ISD finance reports. The goal is to bring awareness and knowledge to organizations when hiring new managers and their past job experiences.

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