Investigating support for the four day school week

The purpose of this study was to obtain feedback from parents and teachers regarding the idea of a four day school week. The four day modified schedule has become popular in some states, but primarily in rural, sparsely populated areas. This study provides data from a suburban population. The main purpose in looking at the four day school week was to provide a better education for all students. There are many students currently falling behind or just barely surviving in school who do not receive the immediate assistance or remediation they need to succeed. Honors students often are not challenged enough on a regular basis so they are not reaching their acade~c potential. A four day school week could address these needs by providing academic assistance and enrichment on the fifth off day of school. The four days of instruction would be lengthened by 60-75 minutes per day to make up for not having school on the fifth day so students would not be losing any instructional time over the course of the year. Parents of Band and Honors students and teachers at one middle school completed questionnaires about the hypothetical situation of having a four day school week. The fmdings suggest that parents, as a whole, are supportive of the four day school week and see many benefits to students, teachers, and families. Teachers have mixed feelings about the effectiveness of the four day week.