Latino families' experiences and their parental involvement with the Ceres Unified School District

The purpose of this research was to explore the experiences and perceptions of Latino parents and their parental involvement with the Ceres Unified School District. This qualitative study explored a total of six participants. All participants’ primary language was Spanish, whose children were enrolled in an elementary school in Ceres Unified School District, and were Latinos. Data were collected through conducting face-to-face interviews using open-ended questions in Spanish. The findings revealed that participants felt comfortable participating in their children education due to the fact that the school provides translators when needed. Latino parents also identified barriers for their involvement such as work schedule, transportation, and child care services. It was found in the study that participants identified the need of English classes to learn English to help their children with their homework, transportation, and child care. It is recommended that social workers work together with the Latino community to overcome these barriers. Community organizations and leaders can work together to provide services such as transportation and English classes. A recommendation for future research would be to create a bridge of communication between parents and the school. Parents might gain a clearer understanding of what is expected from them. In addition, future researchers should use a Participatory Action Research approach to involve parents in the design and evaluation of the intervention programs.