ItsPayd: Industry and Data Analysis of a Debt Collection SaaS

What is the optimal position and applicable strategy to maximize ItsPayd’s desirability (valuation) when consolidation and target acquisition opportunities present themselves as their industry matures? Determining the answer to this question is one of the objectives of this report and will be ascertained through the examination of the industry and ecosystem ItsPayd competes in. In addition, an analysis to determine the competitive advantages and disadvantages of ItsPayd will provide the framework to establish the applicable strategy implementation. Furthermore, an evaluation of a data set provided by ItsPayd will be conducted. Data familiarity will be attained through statistical summarization and relational discovery. Determination of applicable learning techniques to provide further insight will also be performed. Database management best practices will be examined in relation to the supplied data set and recommendations for adherence will be provided. Furthermore, potential analytical techniques will be presented and made feasible with improved data capture.