Principal behaviors that reduce teacher stress during a curriculum adoption at an under performing IIUSP school

The purpose of this study was to identify which principal behaviors have stressreducing effects on teachers at an under performing elementary K-5, Immediate Intervention Under performing School Program (IIIUSP) school during the first year of a curriculum adoption cycle in math and language arts. To answer this question, a principal's behavior survey instrument was given to one principal, six teachers and three support staff personnel that measured principal behaviors in twelve subcategories. The findings presented, delineate behaviors recognized by teachers and support staff to reduce stress during a new curriculum adoption. Findings support research in the areas of educational stress and transformational leadership in four core dimensions of principal work: (a) supervision, (b) administration, (c) management; and, (d) leadership. Recommendations for principals who are interested in reducing teacher stress in specific school settings are included.