Graphic Organizers Aids to Comprehension and Retention

The purpose of this project is to design a guide and curriculum to assist educators in effectively using Graphic Organizers during systematic instruction of vocabulary, comprehension and mathematics. Graphic Organizers are visual learning tools, the use of which can benefit student learning, memory and retention. This project describes how one education specialist discovered her students’ need for additional support during instruction of various subjects. The additional support provided, consisted of modified instruction, using Graphic Organizers. Pre-test and post-test results were gathered after six weeks of implementing the use of Graphic Organizers. The data was collected from sixth grade students with learning disabilities, before and after using Graphic Organizers in instruction. Analysis of the results from the post assessment indicated that both comprehension and retention improved after introducing the use of Graphic Organizers. The results of this study reinforced previous studies suggesting that when students are provided with Graphic Organizers during instruction, student test scores improved in the areas of vocabulary, comprehension and mathematical calculations/applications.