Technology use: employee stress and appraisal processes

The study examined relations between employee technology use, comfort levels using technology, technologically innovative climate, and blurred boundaries to role overload, well-being, job satisfaction and work-family conflict. The study also explored how employees appraise stressors related to technology and examined the impact of these stressors the outcomes. One hundred twenty employees from several organizations participated. Results indicated that the appraisal of technology use as stressful is more impactful on work-family conflict and role overload than use alone; the appraisal of an organizational climate as stressful is more impactful on work-family conflict, job satisfaction and well-being than a technologically innovative climate alone; and the appraisal of blurred boundaries as stressful relates to employee work-family conflict and well-being than having blurred boundaries alone. Keywords: Technology, cognitive appraisal, stress, well-being, work-family conflict