Development of a Business Plan for a Battery & Jewelry Parts Wholesaler

The development of a business plan for a battery and jewelry parts wholesaler was a challenging and rewarding learning experience. It allowed our team to apply the theories and techniques learned in the program to an unfamiliar industry. After the initial meeting with the client, we had a better understanding of both challenges and opportunities for improvement. The information obtained in that meeting allowed us to develop the project objective agreed to by the client. The objective was to develop a business plan with a focus on marketing and e-commerce activities. Our team conducted secondary research and applied Porter's Five Forces framework to identify the dynamics of the industries in which the client operated. In addition, PESTEL analysis was used to understand the overall business landscape. The team also collected primary data in the form of interviews with current suppliers and customers of our client. Additional primary data was collected from an online consumer survey that was distributed across social media platforms. My individual contributions to the project included initial and follow-up meetings with the client and collaboration on the application of the Porter's Five Forces and PESTEL frameworks. I co-authored the SWOT analysis and was highly involved in the design, testing, and deployment of the online consumer survey. I also conducted an interview with a current service supplier to identify additional areas for business opportunity. I contributed by revising competitive analysis, drafting several recommendations, and performing peer reviews of other members' written sections. I analyzed online survey responses to identify trends that were used in developing additional recommendations. I also volunteered to consolidate the text, references, and appendices of the final draft, which was then professionally copy-edited as the final report.