Crafting New Heroic Leaders : A Study in Myth, Drama, and Semiotics

The main purpose of this study is to show how heroism and leadership codes can be used in conjunction with myth and drama to craft new heroic leaders in society linguistically. This can be broken into three parts. The first purpose is to outline the major symbolic representations of the hero, the leader, and heroic leadership from both mythology and discourse. This gives us a foundation of codes that allow us to define what it means to be a heroic leader. The second purpose is to frame these signs and symbols of heroic leadership into the framework of Kenneth Burke’s Dramatistic Pentad. This gives us a real world contextual relationship to the codes that surround heroic leadership, making it accessible to humans. The final purpose is to show how we may craft new myths of heroic leadership and how we can create new heroic leaders in everyday life through myth and drama.