Overlapping edges

My work reflects relationships between my interior world and exterior surroundings and refers to surfaces found in the physical world. Stones altered by the elements, roughened by collisions, embedded with dirt, and cracked by lichens draw on my sensibilities. Boulders, split apart by freezing water then smoothed by wind and melting snow seem filled with possibilities. Fragments of discarded metal displaying raised, polished points that sparkle and glitter in the sun and jagged edged voids caused by corrosion or punctures dazzle me with their rich color and textural surfaces. Massive mountains intrigue me with their contrasting smooth and ragged tops etched against the sky as does the play of light and shadow upon form. Silent encounters with these and other natural elements enter into my inner world. It is a place of constant shifts from energy to inertness, substance to nothingness. I struggle to understand all the overlapping sensations and images and their relationships to the tangible world. (See more in text.)