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User Carmen has deposited The Relationship between the Location Special Education Services are Received and Students with Disabilities’ Intrinsic Motivation February 23rd, 2021 23:16
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User Carmen has deposited A Human Ecological Narrative: Mexican-American Second and Third-Generation Voices of Unheard Mothers and their Influence on their Child’s Educational Attainment February 17th, 2021 16:25
User Carmen has updated Literacy and English Language Learners February 15th, 2021 18:54
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User Carmen has deposited Elementary School Supports and Services to Increase the Academic Achievement of Students in Foster Care: A Qualitative Interview Study February 11th, 2021 01:23
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User Carmen has deposited A cost benefit analysis of adding a nurse practitioner to the Sharp Transitions program February 9th, 2021 16:44
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User Carmen has updated Caught In The Middle: Sustaining A Non-Traditional Public-School In A Traditional Public- School District January 21st, 2021 22:01
User Carmen has deposited Increased Academic Success and College Attendance in Continuation High School January 14th, 2021 23:05
User Carmen has updated “Nice White Meetings”: Unpacking Absurd Library Bureaucracy through a Critical Race Theory Lens January 7th, 2021 18:38
User Carmen has updated “Nice White Meetings”: Unpacking Absurd Library Bureaucracy through a Critical Race Theory Lens January 7th, 2021 18:36
User Carmen has updated “Nice White Meetings”: Unpacking Absurd Library Bureaucracy through a Critical Race Theory Lens January 7th, 2021 18:35
User Carmen has updated “Nice White Meetings” January 7th, 2021 18:33
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User Carmen has deposited Caught In The Middle: Sustaining A Non-Traditional Public-School In A Traditional Public- School District December 18th, 2020 17:24
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User Carmen has deposited Utilization of educational interventions and continuous glucose monitor to improve gylcemic control in patients with type II diabetes and substance use disorder December 17th, 2020 21:58
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User Carmen has deposited Product Recommendation System Using Machine Learning Techniques December 17th, 2020 17:27
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User Carmen has deposited Smart Receptionist Implementing Facial Recognition and Voice Interaction December 17th, 2020 17:09
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User Carmen has deposited "No Dough, You Gotta Go": Gentrification and a Latinx Neighborhood on the Precipice December 17th, 2020 16:58
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User Carmen has updated Teacher Bias and Its Impact on Student Achievement: A Case Study Using the Cultural December 16th, 2020 21:27
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User Carmen has updated Perfect Match for Entrepreneurs December 16th, 2020 21:24
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User Carmen has deposited Physical Activity of Youth and Adolescents during COVID-19 December 16th, 2020 19:54
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User Carmen has deposited Driver Drowsiness Detection on Raspberry Pi 4 December 16th, 2020 19:43
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User Carmen has deposited Modelling and predicting the outbreak December 16th, 2020 18:46
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User Carmen has deposited Credit Card Approval Verification Model December 16th, 2020 17:53
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User Carmen has deposited Designing a Support Program for Children Affected by Household Opioid Use December 16th, 2020 16:42
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User Carmen has deposited Secondary Data Analysis: Dietary Patterns Among Mexican American Families Participating in Mas Fresco! More Fresh! Program for Twelve Month Period December 16th, 2020 16:34
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User Carmen has deposited HealthBot for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome December 15th, 2020 20:20
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User Carmen has deposited A health diagnostic tool for tracking and predicting diseases from blood examination report December 15th, 2020 16:40
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User Carmen has deposited Defining the Role of a Student Success Specialist in a Novel Community College Baccalaureate Program in Biomanufacturing December 14th, 2020 23:26
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User Carmen has deposited Culturally Sustaining Curriculum for Spanish Heritage Learners at the Secondary Level December 14th, 2020 22:17
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User Carmen has deposited Latinx parent workshops for Spanish speaking parents of students in kindergarten December 14th, 2020 19:41
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User Carmen has deposited Detection of Waste Materials Using Deep Learning and Image Processing December 14th, 2020 19:36
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User Carmen has deposited Health Behind Bars: HIV Risk Among Youth Who Have Experienced Incarceration December 14th, 2020 18:29
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User Carmen has deposited Environmental Impacts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Current and Future Implications for Global Health and Sustainability December 14th, 2020 17:15
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User Carmen has deposited Credit card fraud detection in real-time December 14th, 2020 17:04
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User Carmen has deposited City of San Marcos Payment Processes December 11th, 2020 22:10
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User Carmen has deposited Analyzing Work from Home Models at Call Centers December 11th, 2020 22:03
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User Carmen has deposited Intuit Master Project 2020 December 11th, 2020 21:54
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User Carmen has deposited Rainbow Municipal Water District- Capstone Project December 11th, 2020 21:46
User Carmen has deposited Perfect Match for Entrepreneurs December 11th, 2020 17:05
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User Carmen has deposited Experiencing Anti-Bias Professional Development: Reflections and Insights from a Community of Educators December 10th, 2020 22:14
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User Carmen has deposited Market Opportunity for Local-Serving in City of Menifee December 10th, 2020 21:37
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User Carmen has deposited Lazy Acres: Customer Offer Improvement and E-Commerce Expansion December 10th, 2020 21:09
User Carmen has added a new version of ThirukkondarameshAashikavasra_Fall2020.pdf December 10th, 2020 20:54
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User Carmen has deposited Supporting Student Motivation and Literacy Development: A Curriculum and Instruction Planning Guide for Teachers December 10th, 2020 19:44
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User Carmen has deposited City of Menifee - Business Attraction Analysis - Adv. Man. December 10th, 2020 19:38
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User Carmen has deposited Executive Summary: An Analysis of Impacts and Business Case if Technology Focused Businesses Use in the City is Increased December 10th, 2020 19:28
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User Carmen has deposited City of Menifee Brewery and Distillery Market Analysis December 10th, 2020 19:10
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User Carmen has deposited A Systematic Review of Sexual Health Education and Intervention Programs for Black Women in the United States December 10th, 2020 18:44
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User Carmen has deposited Analysis of the Medical Manufacturing Industry December 10th, 2020 18:37
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User Carmen has deposited Program Evaluation of CSUSM ASI Cougar Pantry December 10th, 2020 17:34
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User Carmen has deposited Supporting Student Literacy at Home: A Resource Blog for Families December 10th, 2020 16:40
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User Carmen has deposited Mission Control Systems: Business Viability Study December 10th, 2020 16:19
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User Carmen has deposited Structuring of a Student Model for an ITS - Asperger's Syndrome (Text Domain) December 10th, 2020 15:52
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User Carmen has deposited Jocelyn Approach December 10th, 2020 02:17
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